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Tarot Reading
Oracle Reading

Clear Knowing

Oracle Readings help clarify the red light stop directions and the green light go directions. They are a fun insightful way to help discern and come into a place of confidence. Readings can be as simple as a brief one card read to a multi level reading to look at a question or issue from different angles. Oracle readings begin with a short 15 minute conversation to understand what the issue is.  The readings are channeled.  Once complete you receive a photo of your reading and the message.  If you want to discuss the reading, you may request additional time. 

Psychic Ritual
Oracle Ceremony

True North

Where are you headed?  Do you know?  Are you contemplating many directions?  Unsure?  The Oracle Ceremony is a potent ceremony custom made for you to help you find your way. The ceremony includes a channeled reading arranged in a sacred geometrical crystal grid, sound and light code activations, energetic space clearing, spiritual intuitive guidance, as well as perspective shifting. This ceremony is done virtually over zoom or channeled and generally takes 2 - 3 hours to complete.  If you are interested in an Oracle Ceremony, please reach out to schedule your session.  

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