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Frequency Art


Unique Expression

Art pieces are channeled images made in sacred space that include light codes, color and sound frequencies, geometrical patterns, affirmations, prayer, and a specific attunement to activate and elevate your frequency. Each piece has it's own message and unique expression. If you wish to acquire a piece of art, please use the contact form to send a message.  Each commissioned piece of work is unique and created specifically for you.  The below images are examples of pieces that have been created and are part of Sequoia's personal collection and not for sale.

5 (2)_edited.png
Stellar Activations

Series of 4 texturized acrylic paintings on square canvases that include sacred geometrical shapes and coded activations. Working with the Flower of Life, the Vesica Pisces, the Compass Rose, and the Stargate, these are mixed media pieces that blend fine detail work with color, energy, and charge. If you like this series, request a Frequency Art Commission and state that you would like a Stellar Activation piece. 

Healing Codes

Series of 3 texturized acrylic paintings on rectangular canvases that are coded with Divine Healing Codes and Grabovoi Numbers. If you are working on a spiritual healing and ascension journey, request a piece of Frequency Art specifically coded to support your process.

Light Code Activations

The Light Code Activations are a series of hand drawn images created to activate your ascension light codes, cellular regeneration, and DNA upgrades. These images speak to your higher self.  If you like one of these images send a message.  Originals are not sold and these are the only series that comes in 5"x7" prints on cardstock. 

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