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Life Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

I help people going through life transitions clear the past in order to remember who they are, why they came here, in order to align with their destiny and live their most authentic life with more ease and flow.

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Mission Possible

Set your sights on the horizon and see the clear path before you!

Coaching Packages

Sea Turtle
"I would highly recommend Sequoia to anyone who may have some dreams or goals or who may be struggling with some internal or external conflict in which they may need helping sorting out. I’ve never worked with a “life coach” before but am eagerly starting my second round of coaching with Sequoia because of the incredible experience, help, guidance and success I gained during my first round of sessions. During my first round of coaching, Sequoia was able to take some of my vague ideas and responses and help me build SMART goals, from there she was able to help guide me into developing and following through with taking actionable steps to achieve these goals. I tend to have broad, vague ideas and I am so grateful for her keen ability to truly listen and feel into what I was trying to express. Even during the times when I had a hard time conveying my thoughts or feelings she was able to really communicate back to me what she heard from me to help support and guide me through any hurdles or barriers I felt intimidated by. 

Kristin, California

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